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clearance sale #2

assalamualaikum semua !

kami nak buat clearance saleeee . 

to order,
please fill the form provided.

inner biasa jenis ikat

postage is excluded

hazlinda is wearing dark blue inner

pink belacan - available
  dark chocolate - available
white - available
dark chocolate - available
dark blue - available


Preloved shawls 

postage exclude

preloved 1- available

preloved 2- reserved to nurulhuda

preloved 3 - light green - available

preloved 4 - available

preloved 5 - light brown - available

preloved 6 - light yellow


preloved square hijab
exclude postage

preloved 7 - available

preloved 8 - available

loves hugs kisses


Plain Silk Pashmina RM17

Plain Silk Pashminas are now available . It brings a gorgeous looks with soft and silky material . All pashminas are rare colors. 

RM 17 per pieces 
RM 32 for 2 pieces
* not include postage*

to order, 
fill in the form provided *above*

some of the looks :)

from left 
Black- sold zati 
Chocolate - Available
Navy- Reserved Kakchik
Vegas Gold- sold zati
Dark grey- Reserved kakchik

from left
Azalea- Available
Tan- Available
Dark brown- Available
Army Green- Reserved Kakchik 
Mustard- Reserved Kakchik , 1 available

from left
Dark blue- Available
Orche- Available
Light Purple- Available

love, thecolorsyndicate



clearance sale #1

salam ,

thecolorsyndicate is on clearance sale . all the shawls are custom made .
drop your order through order form or directly email to

thank you and lots of love , thecolorsyndicate :)

RM 13  include postage
*reserved to nurulhuda*

RM 13  include postage

RM 25 include postage

RM 25 include postage


assalamualaikum and hello,

we had been in a long hiatus girls ! but , we are not in a break actually , but our crew are soooo busy with the offline sales . we are truly occupied with that dear . and yes we try hard to focus on both online and offline sales . alhamdullilah everything gone very well . and we also hoping that our online sales get wild on this year !

sayangs , we gonna update new batch . it never been so hype like this. trust me !

with love hugs and kisses , thecolorsyndicate


review !

we had been reviewed by fashion clicks . 

thanks dear !